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Are you a Business Owner who struggles with Time?

  • Time to improve the way you operate?
  • Time to work on growing your business?
  • Time to spend with family and on personal passions? 
  • Time to learn the business skills required to grow?

At Blueprint Solutions our purpose is to help Business Owners by freeing up their time and  maximising efficiency through focusing on compliance, systems, consistency, quality and executing the plan.

We provide Business Owners with the hands on support tailored to your needs to help you grow your business.  Our services include a group Mastermind Program for Solopreneurs, one to one mentoring, strategy development and business planning, business improvement auditing and implementation and training workshops to meet the needs of you and your team.



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Over 25 years of business management experience

Director of Blueprint Solutions Therese O Connor, has over 25 years experience in senior management positions in the private service sector, focused on strategic planning and growth.

Therese started her career in the Hospitality Sector and is also very experienced in leading start-up projects from planning, construction, recruiting and operation to growth stage in other sectors such as education and health and wellness.

Therese has frequently led surviving businesses through quality accreditation processes successfully which turned their business around to thriving stage within 12 months.

Along with her professional background, Therese is a certified NLP Practitioner, iMA Practitioner and a Health Creation Consultant.


Therese O Connor
All About Your Business

Our Expertise

Throughout her career, Therese as she says herself has been very fortunate to gain 360 degree experience in business operations. With ease and professionalism Therese brings the following skills to all her projects:

and Marketing
and Development
Customer Relationship Management
Quality Systems Management
Therese O Connor

So Therese, why did you start Blueprint Solutions?

Over my career, it has become very clear to me that the pain points of many business owners and managers are in the following areas; not having enough time to develop their business strategically, lack of forward planning, lack of understanding and ability to get the best out of their resources and implementing effective systems. These are all areas where I have gained extensive skills and experience in, throughout my career.  With my passion for helping people grow and develop; it makes sense to marry both together. Hence, the birth of Blueprint Solutions.

Why should business owners hire Blueprint Solutions?

Need an experienced business professional who works with you, listens to you, speaks your language, gets the job done and gets results?

At Blueprint Solutions we are action oriented, results focused, straight talking, team players.  We tailor our approach to meet your needs and goals.  We focus on supporting you proactively in achieving you goals on time, within budget and  to expected quality standards.  We can be your accountability buddy or equally we can get stuck in and work with you step by step by developing and executing the actions required to achieve your desired results.

Need a straight talking, results focused professional on your team?

At Blueprint Solutions our purpose is to help business owners cut through the noise and get results by freeing up their time and maximising efficiency through focusing on compliance, structure, consistency and quality.

Have no system for the day to day operations?

We can help you systemise your business for better results.

Perform and deliver better

The Blueprint Customer

Our passion is to work with businesses that are dealing with the front facing customer.  They are constantly looking at ways to improve their service and the way they perform and deliver.  Not forgetting focusing on business efficiency for long term growth.

Are you in the following industries? If so we would love to connect and work with you.  

  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • IT
  • Professional Services
  • Education
  • Health and Wellness
  • Retail
However, we are always open to working with businesses in other industries also.

Now let’s narrow it down, who exactly is the Blueprint Customer?

The Blueprint Customer is any Business Owner who wants to free up more time to be able to work on other projects, be able to develop their business strategically or just simply to spend more time with their family.  We help you get your time back.

The Blueprint Customer is a Start-up company that is an expert in their chosen field but lack the business skills to bring the business from idea to fruition.  We start you on your business journey.

The Blueprint Customer is a Business Owner who has reached a plateau in their business and is now looking at areas of reinvention, transformation and systemisation to drive their business forward.  We  give you the systems, resources and skills to grow.

The Blueprint Customer is a Business Consultant who needs a strong experienced operations focused professional with a strong can do, will do attitude to collaborate with on their projects going forward.  We build strong relationships.

The Blueprint Customer is a company that has a specific event or project that needs to be delivered and have limited resources or time to complete it.  We get it done no matter what.

Testimonial: ‘I have been working with Therese of Blueprint Solutions for a couple of months and in that time it has proven to be a God send to my business.  Therese has the ability to get to the root of the problem and she imparts the information in a clear concise manner. She is straight to the point but kind and her depth of knowledge is phenomenal. She has helped me realise my vision for my business in terms of creating a new name, logo and branding for my handmade skincare products. My business is in a much better position long term as a result of working with Therese. I would definitely recommend Therese if you need help with your business contact Therese you won’t regret it’. Maria Morgan, Director Esker Fields

Blueprint Solutions
100% Commited

The Blueprint Code

At Blueprint Solutions, we commit 100% to everything we do and dedicate our time and efforts on achieving success, growth and positive results.  A contract with Blueprint Solutions is a relationship that matters and deserves our dedication and passion for successful delivery.

At Blueprint Solutions, we deliver what we promise with honesty, empathy and transparency.  We will only commit to projects that we know we can fulfil to the highest standards and within brief.

At Blueprint Solutions, we take full responsibility for our actions and outcomes.  However, we will also make our clients accountable to complete actions to help them achieve their business goals, under our direction and support.

At Blueprint Solutions, we are eternally grateful to our clients and alliances, for their trust in us to deliver successful results. We operate on the principles of respect and appreciation and take nothing for granted.  However, with great pride we will celebrate both our wins and the wins of our clients.

At Blueprint Solutions, we operate on the basis of discretion and confidentiality and your business, is your business.  We do not share any information about your business with third parties unless requested by you to do so.

At Blueprint Solutions, we are consistent and disciplined in all our actions with our clients and alliances.  We also work closely with our clients to help them achieve consistency in their business, through the implementation of relevant systems and structures.

At Blueprint Solutions, we communicate respectfully, transparently, clearly and as frequently as required with everyone.  We ask for the same in return, so as we can all operate professionally and efficiently to achieve our goals.

At Blueprint Solutions, when we work with you, we are a 100% dedicated and on your team to achieve your business successes and goals.  We focus on co-operation, resolution, flexibility and compassion.  We are here to help and will do everything we can to achieve your goals.

At Blueprint Solutions, there are no problems only solutions. We work closely with our clients to overcome any challenges that arise and come up with effective outcomes.  We aim to make the complicated, uncomplicated and the unachievable, achievable.

At Blueprint Solutions, we are always working towards the end goal and getting the desired results efficiently, on time, within budget and focused on quality.

At Blueprint Solutions, we are not happy with good, we always aim for excellence and exceeding the expectations of our clients, so they in turn can do the same with their customers.

At Blueprint Solutions, we always learn from our mistakes and we constantly focus on growing and mastering our skills, so as we can consistently offer the best service to our clients.  We also educate our clients and give them the tools and practical skills to allow them to make better decisions and choices in their business.

achieving your business goals

Award Winning Services

At Blueprint Solutions we offer the following services:
Facilitation and Workshops

We deliver and facilitate bespoke workshops and training in the following areas:

Strategy Development

Developing the Customer Journey

Understanding Personality Styles to improve Communication

The Customer Experience

Team and Individual Leadership

Team Picture of Health



We work with you at your pace to meet your needs.

The mentor mentee relationship is a two-way process.

  1. We identify your purpose and goals for mentoring
  2. We determine the timeline and schedule
  3. We develop a progress monitoring system
  4. We develop your operational plan
  5. We constantly review actions 
We ask you to commit to a minimum of 3 months.
Group Mastermind Program

The Mastermind is a 6- month group programme for Solopreneurs with a combination of self-learning through our online platform and weekly on-live sessions.  In more detail, it includes:

  • 24 hours of on-live sessions
  • 2 one to one  sessions with Therese
  • 8 hours of video training with workbooks
  • Access to private Facebook Group 
  • Editable templates
For more information download brochure below:
Business Improvement

We work with you to improve the way your business operates by:

  1. Auditing your current processes and practices
  2. Identifying weaknesses, strengths, gaps & opportunities
  3. Recommending best practices for moving forward
  4. Developing new and improved processes and practices
  5. Implementing  processes into the business
  6. Reviewing implementation success


Need our skills and straight talking, no nonsense approach?

Is it better for you to continue operating your business the same way, getting the same results OR contact us today to discuss which of our services best fit you, so you can start moving your business to the next level?

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‘It is so refreshing to be mentored by somebody who paces the course to suit each client so you feel engaged and empowered, and not just overwhelmed. Therese has created an incredible platform with excellent courses and support for all types of businesses. Her highly skilled sessions offer a wealth of knowledge and support, so you can feel on top of your game, creating great business systems so you can stay focusing on what you do best. It has been an honour to be taught by her, she is one of the best, ethical, efficient, good humoured and will get the results for you. A wonderful experience!!’ Sharon Bannister, Reg Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner

‘Working with Therese has been a refreshing experience, she is someone who listens and is attentive to all requests. She brings enthusiasm and energy to the strategy development process and has helped us develop a robust Strategy document. This process was not just about developing another strategy document and Therese embraced the brief and has brought new thinking and programmes to us which helped us to focus on our values and this added value has brought a myriad of other benefits to our team. Therese is intuitive in her approach and knows that creating this strategy was also about developing team relationship, gaining team insights and developing the strategy together. Therese listened and has delivered in excess of all my expectations and I am delighted to commend her approach to any organisation.’  Renee Quinn, CEO PIPS Northern Ireland

I attended Therese’s online Mastermind Programme recently and found it of great benefit. This is a well structured, comprehensive and thought provoking programme; designed to enable any business owner conduct a 360 business audit, goal setting and action planning. However, what makes this programme unique is Therese’s passion and expertise; she works with you to acknowledge your strengths, identify areas for improvement and set business goals. She wants you to be a success; generous with her time, sharing her vast experience, contacts and networks to help you in any way that she can. Thank you Therese for all your help and support so far and its great to know that I have you in my corner !  Deirdre Mc Namara, Career Coach and HR Consultant



Practical business advice and inspiration for both employers and employees


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‘Problems are not stop signs.  They are guidelines’
Robert H Schuler

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